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    Boba Buddy Animal Plush - 25cm

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    Love boba and animals? Then these are the perfect match!

    Fuel your everyday drinking bubble tea obsession with our adorable Boba Buddy animals!

    Designed by a kawaii artist we've combined our so ever popular boba plushie along with some kawaii animals giving the ultimate kawaii plush toy to add to your collectection.

    Now you can accompany your favourite beverage along with your kawaii friends: Polar Bear, Cat or Shark!

    Boost your mood with our Boba Buddies!

    Ever heard of the saying just a simple smile can brighten up your day? We've designed our Boba Buddies with this specifically in mind.

    Included with every order will be an eBook that goes into depth of our story and how your chosen Boba Buddy's color can improve your mood and quality of life!

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